Creative beginnings for tiny tots

As a fan of quality children’s literature, I want to encourage parents, teachers, and therapists out there who are dealing with this issue to visit Randi Rentz’ “Why Buy A Wig…” blog for a great children’s book recommendation on the subject for kids aged 3 – 10.

Randi is a seasoned special education teacher and consultant, a breast cancer survivor, and a dear friend with a razor sharp wit and excellent taste, so I trust her judgement!


Comments on: "Helping Kids Cope when a Loved One has Cancer" (2)

  1. Ginny Holloway said:

    Julie, my five year old granddaughter and her daddy, my son, are dealing with the loss of Mommy last June. She died after a four year battle with breast cancer. We are all still so sad. Thanks for mentioning these books. Best wishes, Ginny

    • I remember. That is truly heartbreaking. I am so sorry for all of you. I feel very fortunate…my mom had breast cancer when she was 35 and I was just 2 years old, but she survived. She has had many health problems since, some of them likely the fallout of the surgery and radiation treatments she underwent so long ago, but we feel blessed to have had her with us all these years.
      P.S. Your granddaughter is precious and very lucky to have such a devoted grandma!

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