Creative beginnings for tiny tots

Here’s a little photo gallery of some of our busy nesters and some of the many delightful nests they created in our classes recently.


Comments on: "These nests are THE BEST!!!" (2)

  1. kidsART2canvas said:

    I adore these! We still haven’t had a chance to try these yet, but will soon. We did try the baking soda with colored vinegar eydropper idea that I think you pinned and I repinned. It was a huge success!! Kept my two littles occupied for hours…But the nests – I love how they mixed real flowers, leaves, etc. with the yarn, paper, feathers…lovely!

    • I couldn’t agree more. I always love what happens when we add real materials from nature. But it’s important to capture them with the camera, since the beauty is ephemeral with these, as the flowers and leaves fade. However, that doesn’t stop the kids from continuing to enjoy them. That’s the other aspect of this project that makes in a favorite…it’s such a great springboard for imaginative play. I’ll be waiting to hear about/see what happens when you try this with your gang.

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