Creative beginnings for tiny tots

It’s All Good…

Toddlers and their grown-ups were movin’ and groovin’ to Ms. Jessica’s rockin’ rendition of “Pete the Cat:  I Love My White Shoes” by Eric Litwin (author) and James Dean (illustrator) this week.  Rave reviews ensure that this CATchy tale (tail?) will become an ART IN HAND classic, making regular appearances throughout the year!  What great inspiration for splashin’ around and exploring the world of color in the playful, free-spirited way that we love at ART IN HAND!

And for you cat/art lovers out there, I stumbled upon the website featuring illustrator James Dean’s original and AWESOME Pete the cat inspired artwork…irresistable even to this bona-fide dog lover.  Here’s just a sampling of  his work:

While you are at it, you have to check out the work CATegorized as “Classic Pete”, “Travelling Pete”, and “Stray Pete”.  And I dare you not to smile.

Nothing better than a children’s book that also has adult appeal.  Makes it a lot easier when your toddler wants to hear the same story over and over and over again…but no worries, cause with Pete the Cat “It’s all good!”


Comments on: "It’s All Good…" (3)

  1. ms. jessica said:

    Did we get upset?!?! For goodness no, we kept walking along and singing our song…We love “Art In Hand”! What a fun, groovy, time we had!

  2. jsilver04 said:

    DId we get upset?!?! For goodness no we just keep walking along singing our song. “We love Art In Hand!” What a fun, groovy, rockin time we had!

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